Multi Purpose Garden Rooms

Guest Post looking at how garden rooms can have different uses.

Garden rooms can be some of the most beautiful – and versatile – additions to your home. Whether you choose to build a separate area in your garden, or add on to your house, your garden rooms will be one of the best investments you make.

Free Standing Garden Rooms

Free standing garden rooms may be some of the most cost effective construction you can do on your home. Check codes for square footage, because if you keep the building below a certain number of square feet, it won’t require a concrete foundation. Using a pier and beam construction can save you a lot of money, and make plumbing easier to install.

Often, people want to build a separate garden room so they can have an office. This is great, if you make sure to have climate control. Often, however, a heat pump will provide adequate cooling and heating year round. This saves you a lot of money as opposed to tying in to your home’s ducting system and upgrading your HVAC system.

Another common reason for building garden rooms is to have a multi-media area. That way, all the kids can go out there and have their movie night or the guys can have poker night, and have plenty of privacy.

Your garden room can be as Spartan or fancy as you want it to be. I built one – well, my wife and I built it – because I needed a home office. But the chaos and constant mess in the house was just too distracting. The garden room is great, because I fixed it up to be as smart as I wanted, even with flowers, and it’s not cluttered with everyone else’s stuff. I can focus on my work, now, with a great view of my garden and no view of a dirty kitchen or the laundry room.

Attached Garden Rooms

If you have your garden room added onto your home in the form of an atrium or sun room, it will be a little more expensive. This is because the roofs have to be tied together between your addition and the actual house. You’ll also have to make sure the floor is level with the floor of your home, or a standardized step down or up from your home’s subfloor. The foundation of this addition is also important, as it is attached to your home.

The up side is that you increase the square footage of your home, thereby increasing its value. When you build on to your house in this manner, you’ll also need to consider heating and cooling. If you have the ductwork connected to your home, your HVAC units will need to be big enough to handle the load.

Whether you build onto your home, or erect a separate building for your garden room, you can be sure to get years of enjoyment from your building. Don’t limit yourself to using this great space for lawn mower storage. Spruce it up a little bit and make it your own private escape.


Josh Andrews is a keen writer, when he is not working for a garden maintenance company he is always looking to improve upon his home.


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