Most Popular Optional Garden Room Features


Bespoke garden room creators Swift, have a focussed design approach which actively encourages their clients to make their new room special. Sometime this can be a dramatically individual building design, sometimes a simple addition that creates an important and valuable element for that particular owner. Here are five of the most popular features that some of Swift’s clients have found most appealing and rewarding to add to the specification of their new space?


  • Remote Control System: More than a gadget, this enables the lighting, heating or other electrical equipment to be operated from a distance… usually inside your home. When walking to your studio on a dark night it is a great advantage to be able to turn the lights on before you leave the house. With a number of circuits available you can control inside lights, outside lights and maybe even a garden water feature or, as one client recently demonstrated, outdoor Christmas lights!
  • Integrated Audio Visual systems: Sophisticated wall mounted TV’s, projectors and music systems are so much more accessible and are perfect for a garden family room or “man-cave”! Importantly we have the opportunity to conceal all the wiring for the connections to speakers, surround sound systems, recorders, amplifiers etc. A recent installation included a neat and discrete built-in docking point, wired to a hidden amplifier and ceiling mounted HI-Fi speakers. Very neat, very effective and very secure.
  • Landscaping: Often left to the last minute, Swift encourage you to try and include careful thought and maybe some professional advice on the planning of the setting of your new building. The appearance and enjoyment of a garden room can be transformed by even some minor and simple modifications to that area of the garden…. or your new room may be part of a complete makeover of the whole garden. Either way, professional advice is to hand at a scale that suits most budgets.
  • Climate Control: Particularly valuable for garden rooms that will be used as a gym, climate control is an unobtrusive and luxurious way to keep comfortable throughout the year. Sometimes thought of as an expensive cooling system, a properly specified and high quality system will actually provide one off the most efficient and economical forms of heating that is available. Swift only supplies top branded equipment that is installed by specialists. Quiet, reliable and controllable.
  • Outside Power Socket: One of the simplest and cheapest options, and something that can be so handy! Proving that it is important to imagine how a building will be used and enjoyed, an outside, weatherproof socket can have all kinds of advantages. Clients use them for garden tools such as mowers and hedge trimmers… so much easier than dragging dirty extension leads around. Perhaps a music system for background music when having a summer party in the garden, maybe an outside fridge? Other uses have included Christmas lights, computer power feeds, food warmers and even a bouncy castle!

Swifts director, Martin Lawson comments:

Even without any options, once we hand over the keys to our clients they can move straight in and start enjoying their new space. Though sometimes, a simple addition can make a valid and rewarding difference to the enjoyment to the room, whatever it is being used for. That is why it is so important that our support team are focussed on giving our clients the opportunity to imagine exactly how they will enjoy using their new garden room. The position of a light or a power socket can be really important… or a wide set of bi-fold doors in place of a French casement could add such value to an experience. It is as diverse as that… and we love seeing the difference that it makes!”.

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