We’re excited to introduce you to the work of MorphPOD a unique, architect designed garden room. The MorphPOD is a flexible design which could be used as a garden retreat, home office or accommodation unit for family or as a business proposition.



The MorphPOD is designed by Nick Dummer and Annie Millen, an architect and landscape architect respectively. Both Nick & Annie have worked on various sized projects for others and under their own practice of Spacescape Architecture & Landscape, they best like working at the small scale. Nick & Annie set up Morphut Ltd in early 2011 to design and build efficient wood cabins.

‘Bigger and Better’ is a phrase in common usage, but we’d like to coin ‘Smaller and Just as Good’. We designed MorphPOD using the same principles as for the larger Morphut cabins: simplicity, flexibility and longevity. And with a unique character.

MorphPODs come in two standard sizes, 2.2 and 3.4, indicating the internal width, in metres. Both have a tall window and can have an optional extensive veranda to either side – good natural light and a place to work outside. The walls and ceiling are birch ply as standard, but other species can be used. The basic ‘box’ is robust in both character and construction, so it can be adapted to work really well for all the uses garden rooms get put to – and feel good to inhabit.


For example, the tall window can be changed to a (standard) door or be a different size or shape; the cladding can be different to suit the use and locality, and more windows can be incorporated. MorphPODs are built by carpenters using standard materials and kit, so a range of changes can be made in the workshop without ado, or significant additional costs.

The shape derives from efficient structural principles and use of materials, and gives a very calm, woody and special space. To work from home well you really need to get out of the house, and standard furniture can be accommodated in various configurations; some examples are on our website. And of course it can be let out as self-contained accommodation, complete with shower room.

The ‘morph’ aspect is that a garden office, say, can quickly transform into an occasional spare room, with the desk hooked up and a bed folded down (also useful for a quick nap).



The MorphPOD is built on a Versalam engineered timber chassis. The floor has joists at close centres for maximum strength. Insulation is fitted between the joists. The standard floor finish is plywood which can be oiled, but it would be a good basis for carpet or floorboards.


The walls are made up from a traditional timber frame with mineral wool insulation in-between. The external side of the wall is sheathed in OSB boards and then wrapped in a breather membrane. Treated battens hold the vertical external cladding. Internally the room is finished in birch plywood as standard (there are other finishes on offer).



Larch or Douglas Fir claddings are used for the exterior of the MorphPOD depending on local availability. Talk with the MorphPOD team if you have other cladding ideas.


The roof is insulated with mineral wool and the ceiling of the room is birch plywood. The external finish is a galvanised corregated metal, this choice of roof covering is integral to the unique style of the MorphPOD range.


You can read the detailed MorphPOD specification here.

Its interesting to read that the MorphPod have also designed some furniture to maximise the use of the room, talk to the team about this.

Delivery & Build Time

The frame and panels are made up in the MorphPOD workshop and assembled on site. It takes 6-8 weeks from order, plus usually two weeks for site construction, depending on the terrain and circumstances. They last for at least 30 years, so it’s as well to take the time required to site them right. The 2.2 version can also be delivered fully formed and placed onto standard paving slabs


Prices are £6850 for MorphPOD 2.2, and £9900 for MorphPOD 3.4, inclusive of VAT


For more information about this range visit the MorphPOD website or give the team a call on 01547 530366

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