Modern Garden Building – Style with Substance

Decorated Shed describe how modern garden buildings can combine style with substance.

Modern living is associated with minimal interior, plain walls and a natural light throughout. Eco-friendly buildings are beginning to follow that design quota, as are a new brand of garden buildings. Decorated Shed’s garden studios incorporate the essence of modern living, with sleek, attractive, eco-friendly garden annexes which would stand stylishly in anyone’s garden. Contemporary styles are in high demand, with people looking for a ‘clutter free’ home, a minimalist approach is a very popular choice when looking at designing a new space.

Decorated Sheds fresh architecture and stunning interior design brings a new outlook to ‘relaxing in the garden’. Design has shifted from the traditional style, with little space and a ‘cosy’ feel to it, to an open-plan style and minimalist content. A spacious garden sunroom, with a wall of windows and good quality materials epitomises modern architecture. This shows why a contemporary direction is best for garden annexes, as they work better than a traditional design, with the transition of building to garden seamless.

A modern mind-set works best for garden buildings, with a spacious layout and contemporary tri-fold doors which removes the boundary of outside to inside. Because of this, the traditional design layout would not work with a garden building as effectively as a modern eco-friendly design, which can be seen in the Garden Sunroom in particular. A garden building would be a great addition to a modern house or give a welcomed contemporary spin to a more traditional home or garden.

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