MOD105 Show Off at Chelsea!

Last week MOD105 exhibited their unique garden room system at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show.

We were in London for a few days and popped into the show to have a look, and we weren’t disappointed! The MOD105 has a unique form within the garden room industry which is rather refreshing and we feel lends itself ideally to an urban garden, the mix of glass and solid panels creates quite a light building which would not dominate even the smallest garden, and the muted green finish will contrast well with soft landscaping.


Thought had obviously been given to the stand, it was simply furnished, but that let the building and the innovative materials do the talking. We particularly liked MOD105’s take on the living wall concept and reckon this could be developed further into their range! We also liked the fact that they had incorporated a cross section of the wall build-up into their stand, for all to see the layers that go into making a garden room.



The beauty of the MOD105 range is their modular building system, which means virtually any configuration can be created, and the room can be built in a matter of hours, on the flip side a room can also be taken down and moved quickly too, making this the ideal setup for someone who foresees moving and wanting to take their garden room with them, perhaps if you rent rather than own your own house?

MOD105 is certainly a range to watch, we see from Twitter that another snappy video is on its way – watch this space!

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