Mirror Finish Infrared Heater

Infrared heating is a popular way of heating a garden room, not only are they very efficient in that they keep you warm they are one of the most stylish forms of heating.

Specialist supplier Multiheat & Energy Systems Ltd of North Devon are launching a new mirror finish infrared heating panel this Autumn. The new mirror heater is a welcome addition to their range, providing an excellent solution where there is limited space.

The 60cm square mirror is beautifully finished with rounded edges and no lights or switches to spoil the elegant appearance, once fitted, a hidden framework holds the mirror about 2.5cm away from the wall giving a floating effect. The heater can be hard wired or simply fitted into a standard plug socket. The product should not be confused with a heated mirror which simply does not mist up, this product is a room heater and will warm a room of about 8 square metres. The infrared heater will warm people and objects that in turn will warm the air, creating a warm welcoming room that you will want to remain in. This form of heating is very energy efficient and costs just a few pence to run, panels modulate to only draw power when needed and therefore it is affordable to leave on constantly if required.

Multiheat are launching the new mirror heating panel following the success of their affordable white carbon fibre heating panels introduced into the UK some four years ago, these are now used in homes, the workplace and specified for therapy and hot yoga studios.

Visit the Multiheat Energy Systems website for more information.

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