Maximise your outdoor space this summer

A post from the team at Decorated Shed about maximising your outdoor space with a garden room.

Decorated Shed garden buildings are a great way to maximise your outdoor space, and a dedicated sunroom or leisure room is an ideal incentive to get out and enjoy the warm weather.

How can a building encourage you to go outside?

Prior to any build we carefully assess the positioning and orientation, making sure that the garden building is in the optimum spot to make the most of your available outdoor space. This process, coupled with our unique design features, ensures that when you’re in your garden building you feel like you’re experiencing the outdoor environment. It’s a space that you want to be in.

The design of our garden buildings typically incorporate expansive glazing and bi-fold or tri-fold doors, providing a real “indoor/outdoor” living feel where the dividing lines between what’s inside and out become blurred. Another standard feature of our garden building design is an incorporated decking space, which is the perfect demonstration of the concept, providing a seamlessly flowing link between interior and exterior.

The high-performance insulation that makes Decorated Shed garden buildings warm and cosy during the coldest winter temperatures also works to incredible effect in the summer, offering natural protection against heat and making the interior a cool and comfortable space.

When a building is so attuned to its location it becomes part of the environment itself.

The build time of a typical Decorated Shed garden building is just four days, so there’s no reason why you can’t be enjoying it this summer!

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