Making the Most of The Space Around a Garden Room

Guest Post

Some garden rooms come with some beautiful decking that acts as an entrance area.  This gives you an excellent opportunity to express your style and personality through a range of different garden features. Decorating this area will also add to the character of your garden room and encourage you to spend more time there.

One option is that of lighting, which will help during those dark, wintry mornings and nights. There are various options when it comes to garden lighting including wireless solar-powered deck lights. These look great on any decking and with them harnessing the power of the sun, there is no additional electricity cost for the solar lighting. With energy costs significantly rising year on year, investing in renewable energy lighting could be worthwhile in the long run.

Keeping to the available renewable energy options, there are also solar water features that could add to the style of your garden room. These come in many different designs and shapes to suit any type of style, from sphere water features and Buddha fountains to a solar-powered wishing well. Many people speak of the calming and relaxing nature of water flow, which could be of particular help if you use your garden room as an office.

Another option for decorating your decking is to add some greenery but it is vital that you keep in mind what sort of conditions are available to allow you to choose plants that will survive. The type of plant that will succeed on a deck is one that can deal with dryness, shade and live in a container. Examples include euonymus plants and clumping bamboos, where both are able to grow happily in the conditions provided by the decking.

In terms of flowers, they will also need to be strong to withstand the harsher conditions of the decking and examples include geraniums and dicentra. However, it is important to remember that the containers should be raised off the ground with pot feet to prevent the decking from being stained.

One more idea for your decking is to add some furniture. This could include a set of chairs or a bench, where you could take a break from your garden room, sit back and relax. There are many different options but if possible, it is better to choose an all-weather set, to prevent the need for indoor storage when rain starts falling.

Decorating the area around your garden room adds a bit more character and gives you the opportunity to express your style and personality through landscape design. Use your imagination and research to find what pleases you the most and take the necessary steps to make your garden room more appealing.

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