Making a feature of a garden room on a sloping site

In many cases a garden room will be built on a sloping site. This slope might be quite gentle and not overly visible, but in other cases it will be quite dramatic and some thought will be needed in how to deal with it.

Luckily a sloping site is not too much of a problem to garden room suppliers. There are so many foundation systems available now to garden room designers, that you don’t have to go to the expense and effort of excavating the site and banking the slope. These foundation systems allow you to create a solid and level basis for a garden room to be built on.

The thing is with a steep slope you will still need to think about how you will disguise the foundation and create access to the garden room. We have seen some good solutions to this problem and some terrible ones too – like ugly concrete slabs sticking out of the ground.

Making a feature of a garden room on a sloping site-2

When we were sent these images by Contemporary Garden Rooms we were immediately impressed how they had tackled the issue of the slope by incorporating it into the entrance of the building.

This garden room is a 3.5m x 4.5m design from Contemporary Garden Rooms Alcove range. As you can see the slope in the garden falls dramatically along the front of the building.

Making a feature of a garden room on a sloping site-3Making a feature of a garden room on a sloping site-4

We think its clever how Contemporary Garden Rooms have created a set of steps around the doors. These steps draw you towards the entrance of the garden room. They also disguise the gap under the building and the foundation system.

This is a thoughtful solution to a sloping site.

This garden room took 5 days to build on site and cost around £21,000.

If you would like to learn more about Contemporary Garden Rooms and how they can tailor their designs to your site, give them a call on 01952 825 630 or take a look at their website.


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