Maintaining a garden room

Even if you choose all the low maintenance material options you can when designing your garden room. Our experience tells us that no building can be completely maintenance free.

If you already have a garden room installed, now is the perfect time to do any maintenance needed before the harsh winter months.

The amount of maintenance your garden room needs might be as little as using a soft brush to remove cobwebs and bugs – the profile of cladding is a haven for little critters!

Bugs love the grooves in cladding, its easy to brush them away!

Bugs love the grooves in cladding, its easy to brush them away!

Small Jobs

September is a good time to check your guttering and clear any silt and leaves that may have built up. It’s also a good idea to drain off a water butt if your guttering is connected to one, to make room for winter rain fall – the last thing you want is an overflowing water butt next to your garden room.

Now is also a good time to wash the windows, this will remove the layer of grim that builds up and ensure that you are getting the maximum light and heat from the sun coming through into your room.

Our glazier advised us to always spray the hinges and locks with a lubricant like WD40 at this time of year to keep them well lubricated, this is a quick job but will ensure your doors and windows stay in tip top condition.

Bigger Jobs

If you have a living roof, now is an ideal time to see if any weeds need removing or if any plants need replacing. Remember to think about your safety when climbing on the roof of a garden room!

If you have a painted garden room, assess the state of the finish – does it need a repaint? If so now is an excellent time to do so before it becomes too cold for the paint to dry properly. Some suppliers offer a repainting service which would take all the hassle out of the task and ensure the right finishes are used.

Many garden room buyers choose cedar, larch or thermowood because of their low maintenance properties, but find that as it ages they don’t like the finish, or feel it has totally transformed the look of their building.

There are ways to reinstate the colour on aged boards and some suppliers will return to their buildings to do this – obviously there is a cost!

One such supplier is Garden2Office who has recently Tweeted two cladding transformation jobs on garden rooms installed years ago.

The first image shows the transformation of cedar cladding and the second Thermowood.



So, with a little attention each year, a garden room will last you a life time.

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