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Another post by Decorated Shed about small space living:

House-buying is typically the most expensive part of today’s constantly acquisitive lifestyle, with the “property ladder” process of moving on to ever-bigger homes over the years taken for granted by many as the “right” way to do things. However, as the houses get bigger, so do the bills, upkeep and the impact on the environment, and it can often become the case that excessive dimensions don’t necessarily translate to happier inhabitants. It’s therefore not entirely surprising that downsizing has become something of a dream for many of us, as more and more people aspire to ‘escape’ their regular lives and adopt a freer, less-rigid and easy-going lifestyle.

Whether it’s shunning the relentlessly expensive cycle of modern life, getting back to nature or just an urge to live a more simple life, the appealing elements of downsizing are clear and obvious. Living in a small but perfectly formed space becomes the realisation of the concept, a tangible break-away from the “more, more, more” mindset that has sadly become the norm for a lot of us these days.

Space is an interesting thing. We design every one of our garden buildings to make the most efficient use of space without waste, but equally without clutter or impractical compromises. When it comes to developing our buildings we ensure that every inch of interior space is maximised and performs a role. With such a precise approach to space, living in a Decorated Shed building becomes less of an alternative lifestyle statement and more of an exercise in common-sense.

However, we’re well aware that while small house living might seem like a tempting idea to many, the long-term practicalities are something that could prove to be a barrier to all but the most dedicated. That’s why it perhaps makes sense to most to adopt the practice temporarily, for instance in the form of a holiday home. That way, you can experience all the novel benefits of the lifestyle without having to make an irreversible move away from the familiar. Take a look at The Barn, our annex design that’s ideal for a tiny house experience.

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