Linea garden room can be positioned tight the boundary

Garden Affairs have launched an exciting new range of garden rooms called Linea, which has a contemporary Scandinavian look. The key feature of the Linea range though, is that it has been designed so that it can be positioned tight to the boundaries of your garden, under the Permitted Development rules.

Linea garden room

Being able to position a garden room tight to a fence or wall avoids wasted space beside or behind the room. This is a particularly important consideration in small urban gardens. The Linea range can be sited close to a boundary because it has an overall height of 2.5 meters. The range has also cubed roofline, so there is no roof overhang to accommodate.

Rainwater disposal is an important consideration in garden room design; you’d be amazed at how much rain can run off even a small roof. Normally guttering would run along the back of a garden room, but this takes up space too. Garden Affairs have cleverly incorporated the guttering system into the roof structure. Thus creating a very streamlined building.

A garden room that can be positioned tight to a fence

A design that stands out in the market

We are taken with the cladding on the Linea range. Garden Affairs have not gone down the common route of Cedar tongue & groove boards; rather they have chosen to use durable Larch cladding fitted in a batten & board pattern.

The Larch cladding is fitted in a batten & board patten

The cladding can be fitted in either a horizontal or vertical direction, each creating their own unique look. The strong lines of this style of cladding adds to the contemporary feel of these garden rooms.

Garden Affairs offer a wide palette of paints and stains so that you can tailor the exterior colour to your taste.

You can choose the layout of the doors and windows which are UPVC double glazed units with multi-point locking systems. You can choose from single or double doors and different sized windows.

The exterior is topped off with a durable EPDM roof covering. EPDM has a maintenance free lifespan in excess of 30 years. It is laid in one piece, so there are no joints at risk of leaking. An Aluminium kerbing finishes the roof off.

The cubed roofline allows the garden room to be positioned next to a fence

The interiors have a Scandinavian feel

The Linea range is insulated in the floor, walls and roof sections. This combined with the double glazing means these garden rooms will be comfortable places to spend time all year round.

Garden rooms with Scandinavian feel

The interior is finished in a tongue & groove cladding. This is supplied in its natural finish but can be painted in your choice of colour. As you can see from the photo, painted off white, it has a real Scandinavian feel.

Create a garden room/storage combo

The Linea is a flexible range. You can specify the size and shape of building you need, and the Garden Affairs design team will work with you to create it.

The storage shed door is matched into the cladding

The storage shed door is matched into the cladding

Creating one building with two uses is becoming increasingly popular, and the Linea range can easily accommodate this need. For instance, you could incorporate a storage shed alongside the main garden room, with the door cleverly matched into the wall cladding making it virtually invisible.

The Linea range by Garden Affairs is an exciting addition to the garden room market. To learn more about it give the Garden Affairs team a call on 01225 774 566 or visit their website to see more of their work.


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