Lighting an integral part of this garden rooms design

Edit 15 April 2016 – We haven’t been able to contact the London Garden Rooms team for sometime, so we don’t know if this listing / content is still relevant – The Garden Room Guide Team

Often lighting is just seen as a standard and purely functional part of a garden rooms specification. However with a little bit of thought it can become a striking design element in itself.


London Garden Rooms were given a design brief where there was a strong focus on the lighting design of both the garden room and the surrounding garden.

As well as being bespoke garden room designers London Garden Rooms also has a landscaping division. With this commission they were tasked with designing both the garden room and the garden it sits within.

The whole project required a Planning Application, but once the build had been approved the team moved in to create the building which will be used as a garden office which incorporates bespoke shelving and cupboards.

As well as designing the right lighting system for the building. Lights were also incorporated in the bamboo and the water rill that runs the length of the garden. All the lighting can be controlled remotely, meaning the customer can flick a switch from the house and illuminate the garden.

We couldn’t agree more with the London Garden Rooms team who say:

The result is a stunning garden room that is complemented by architectural planting, reflections, clean lines and clever lighting.”

Don’t just think of a garden rooms lighting system as functional, talk to the team at London Garden Rooms about how you can use it to create a striking design element. Call them on 020 8418 9498 or visit their website


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