L-shaped garden room with acoustic insulation

An L-shaped garden room can make good use of the corner of a garden. This example by Contemporary Garden Rooms was designed to nestle into the garden and the landscape beyond.

With an L-shaped garden room, you can easily create a building that has more than one use, with the clever positioning of furniture or a dividing wall. We have seen examples where the L-shape has been used to create two separate offices for a husband and wife or for a business.

L-shaped garden room

The shape of the garden room also creates a natural outdoor living space too. The owners of this building have had this area decked, and as you can see from this follow-up photo, they have created a nice entertaining area in front of their garden room.

L=shaped garden roomL-shaped garden room

Contemporary Garden Rooms customer wanted to be able to play their drums in the garden room, conscious of the noise they asked for acoustic insulation to be incorporated into the design. As bespoke designers, Contemporary Garden Rooms were happy to adapt their standard specification to accommodate their customer’s request.

The levels of acoustic insulation offered by garden room firms differ across the industry. Some firms work with specialists to create professional quality soundproof studios. Other firms make alterations to the core framework so that the transmission of sound is broken, incorporate acoustic insulation and membranes into their build-up. You will then find other firms who just offer acoustic plasterboard. You need to be aware of these differences when comparing your options.

More examples of Contemporary Garden Rooms work:

l-shaped garden room

This building is full of nice features, the corner navigation window is a nice touch. Position a desk under this and it will be like sitting at a cockpit with a great view of the garden. A secret door has been created in one wing, clad in the same cedar as the walls it’s hard to see. A slatted screen has also been created – these screens can be useful in defining spaces, but if positioned correctly can offer valuable natural shading for the garden room.

To learn more about Contemporary Garden Rooms work visit their website or give their friendly team a call on 01952 825630 to discuss your ideas.

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