It takes just 2 days to install a Mokki

We first featured the Mokki range by architect James Risebero earlier this year and it has been one of the most read small garden room / office articles on the guide.

We were therefore pleased when details of two new Mokki buildings arrived in our inbox!

Mokki recently installed these two studios in the space of a week in very different settings – one in Dartington, Devon on a steeply sloping woodland site and one in Truro, Cornwall on a much more open lawn.

mokki B out 01mokki B out 02

Mokki founder, architect James Risebero, says

The beauty of the Mokki system is that our studios can be installed so quickly – literally in two days on site. This helps us to keep costs down but of course it also means minimum disruption to the client and maximum satisfaction. It’s great to receive photos from a customer two days after installation with pictures of their new building fully furnished and looking like it’s been there for years – all in the space of four days or so!

What we are also finding is that clients are asking for adaptations to our modular system in ways that we didn’t originally envisage. The Mokki in Truro, for example, has all the glazing along the southern side which is not one of the 18 configurations shown on our website but it’s easily achieved within the system. The Dartington Mokki, on the other hand, to be used as a writer’s retreat, is more about using the windows to pick out particular views – in this case a winding woodland path and a favorite tree. From an architect’s point of view I would say that these are all things that help tie a building to its surroundings, making each one unique. It’s nice to be able to achieve this, in a modest way, with a humble garden building”.

mokki A out 01mokki A out 02mokki A in 03mokki A in 02mokki A in 01

Mökki is a small company based in Devon. They design, build and install modular garden studios throughout the southwest region covering Devon, Cornwall, Dorset and Somerset though they can travel further by arrangement.

For more information about this unique range of garden rooms visit the Mokki website or give James and his team a call on 07961191941

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