Insuring a Garden Room or Office

Insuring a garden room or garden office is a regular question asked on The Garden Room Guide – you spend thousands of pounds on a beautiful building, you want to protect it, but many readers have found that the ‘big’ online insurance companies are unwilling to insure them!

Many readers have rung their insurers to add the garden room or office to their household policy only to be told that because they are made from wood and in many cases are flat roofed – they are not covered, we actually came accross this ourselves when recently applying for work from home insurance, in the small print it excluded cover for working in a timber frame building in the garden.

One The Garden Room Guide reader recently emailed to say she had, had a problem with a leading insurer and we pointed her in the direction of Henshalls a broker we have featured a few times on this guide, who has found suitable cover for several garden room owners, the reader reported back that Henshalls were able to offer a suitable policy, at a good price and her garden room is now fully insured.

The moral of the story, try a broker such as Henshalls when looking to insure a garden room or office, rather than a online retailer.

When will the big insurers cotton on that the garden room industry is growing, and that garden rooms and offices are built like houses?!


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