Innovations at Garden Spaces

It’s exciting for us to witness new innovations in garden room design, whether they be new design features or the use of cutting edge materials, one of the leaders in garden room innovation is Garden Spaces who consistently are pushing the envelope and coming up with new features.


A couple weeks ago Garden Spaces exhibited at Grand Designs Live, showcasing a contemporary garden room which featured an impressive cantilevered roof, with a corner that appears to float unsupported once the doors are folded back! Garden Spaces have been developing their cantilever designs for a few years now, and have become very knowledgeable on the subject.

Garden Spaces are also innovating when it comes to the materials they use on their buildings, they have recently added a new durable cladding to their options, as Roger Hedges from Garden Spaces explains:

This building also incorporates our newest cladding material – a compressed high quality Kraft paper. This is unique to us in the garden building world in the UK. It will not fade under UV, needs no protection/maintenance and is bullet proof tough. The façade will look as good in 20 years as it does today. I’ve actually seen this product in Spain from whence it originates and it’s amazing – even when in a salty corrosive seaside environment it I totally unaffected. All that comes at a cost but some people will think this worth paying for.

The photos below showcase both Garden Spaces cantilevered roof and the new cladding material, which we think looks rather stylish and a new alternative to cedar cladding.







For more information about the Garden Spaces range visit their website or read more articles about them here.


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