Increasing numbers are owning and working in sheds!

Dawn from Decorated Shed talks about working from home:

Yesterdays BBC news included a slot about the amount of people working in garden sheds and how they are on the increase. In previous articles we have talked about the environmental factors, saving money and better work rates when working from home in a garden studio. But it seems we are not the only ones thinking this too!

You can see the video article on the BBC website how the work from home in a garden building theory has been around for years. The idea of working in a confined space where you can gather your thoughts and produce quality is becoming more even popular. Some people who take up design, art or writing may find a separate garden studio a place they can get away from their emails and any distractions which are stated in this video.

‘The economic crisis may have halted building schemes across the country, but it appears to have triggered a rather different sort of construction boom in our back gardens.

And increasingly it is women who are embracing a life working in sheds, or as they are now often called garden offices.

The BBC looks at the increasing number of people who now commute each day, down the garden path.’

It was excellent watching this video and hearing people talk about the bonuses from a garden office or studio and telling of how useful it is to have one in your garden, backing up the Decorated Shed theories about ‘working from home!’

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