In.It Studios Create Brand New Rehabilitation Room

Guest Blog from about one of their latest garden room projects:

In.It studios, one of the most innovative creators of garden rooms, have built a brand new Garden room for the St. Oswald’s hospice in Newcastle.

The brand new garden building has been built as an extension to the hospice. The room will be used as a Rehabilitation centre away from the hustle and bustle of the hospice. The studio space allows for a peaceful and tranquil feeling for its residents, allowing patients to have a place to feel calmer. The room forms part of a huge renovation undertaken at the hospice.

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The garden room is now a predominant feature of the hospice with it being clearly visible from the entrance of the building. The room measures 5.9m deep x 7.6m wide, with its cedar clad and timber construction turning it into a very striking looking building whilst inside still keeping the calm and peaceful feel on the inside for patients.

The new construction again showcases how versatile and modern garden rooms are. Whether it’s an extension to a building or a standalone structure, Garden Rooms are perfect for adding extra work space or extra living space for an affordable price. They also add a modern touch which the St. Oswald’s Hospice build beautifully showcases.

The project, commissioned by the hospice, is receiving praise all over. The building’s Architects, from In.It studios were shortlisted as nominees for the National Healthcare awards. In regular studio fashion, the build was finished quickly and without any problems. The building was built in three weeks, two weeks ahead of their proposed schedule.

The build was taken on by outside contractors T Manners & Sons who worked in conjunction with In.It studios. The building was planned as a prefabricated construction, allowing In.It studios to maintain the quality all around from floor to roof. Many garden rooms are built like this, allowing the construction to be done off site in a place where the quality can really be monitored and kept all round.

Garden rooms are growing in popularity all over and it seems now many businesses are seeing them as a great and affordable way to increase their space without causing too much of a disturbance during the construction.

The new room at St. Oswald’s Hospice is a great sign of how economic times will most probably see an increase in the amount of buildings like this. Building big extensions onto commercial buildings or public buildings may no longer be as feasible as it once was. The same can be said for people adding extensions to their houses, a garden room is much cheaper than any form of conservatory or extension, people need to see that garden rooms can provide a homely feeling place in their back garden for a much cheaper price in terms of money and overall hassle of construction.

For more information about range of garden rooms visit their website.


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