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Guest Post by Booths Garden Studios

The Sunday Times often has articles about people working long hours which affect’s their family life. They say…

The UK actually works longer hours than any of our European neighbours.

A big part of that is the commute to work which is often very unproductive, unless your on a train where you may be able to read or get your laptop out, but even so, it is a very inefficient use of anyone’s time, apart from crazy expensive. I used to love travelling when I was in my 20’s – it was exciting. Now in my 50s (oh dear:-) it bores me to death because I think what else I could be, and want to be doing.

BT have realised this and now offer their workers flexible working hours and the chance to work from home.  BT estimate this has saved them £500m – a massive saving.

Best buy – a large American company took the big step of letting workers work when they wanted, as long as they met predetermined targets – productivity rose 35%! The workers took more afternoons off and played more golf but they all exceeded their targets.

The world is changing – very rapidly and many of our conventions are quickly becoming obsolete. One convention I notice in our town is the huge traffic jam that happens every night, all from the same business estate, all leaving at 5pm. Why doesn’t someone organise, the first business leaving for home at 4.30pm, the next at 4.40pm, the next at 4.50pm, the next at 5, e.t.c It would be less stressful, save time, cash and pollution.

Traffic jams in this country are a massive waste of time, money and resources. A bit of common sense from the government might help – what exactly do they think about in all those years of opposition? Not a lot it would appear.

Why don’t they give people working from home – a tax break? It doesn’t have to be a huge amount – more of a principle than an incentive. They need to encourage creative people because that’s where economy growth and new job’s come from.

With technology as it is, so much work can be done from home now so why isn’t the government doing it’s bit?

Richard Branson said that when he had meetings with Tony Blair, one comment stuck in his head… Tony Blair said,

in government, you are so busy putting out fires that actually implementing ideas or coming up with ideas, is very difficult”

That to me says that the “thinking” part about  policies needs doing whilst in opposition. The conservatives were in opposition for 13 years – what exactly were they thinking about??

Education is another convention badly in need of reappraisal – our children are educated more or less the same as I was 40 years ago.

There is a brilliant talk from Sir Ken Robinson which raises this issue. You can check it out here

We all have to embrace and welcome change –  it’s not always easy, but we have no choice –  get excited about change and I think, you’ll be just fine:-)

Anyway – if you’d like to visit one of our life changing Garden Studios, drop me your post code and I’ll organise a visit for you.

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