Impressive Stuff From Morespace

We are really impressed to hear that one of our featured suppliers Morespace have recently donated and built a custom garden room as part of the BBC’s DIY SOS, this says a lot about them!

Apparently the DIY SOS team contacted a number of suppliers on this site who were unable to help create a project for a man who has had a serious stroke, but Andrew Mcleod could associate with the family and agreed to help, Andrew explains why:

Once I read the story making the decision to assist was easy as 2 years ago I became ill overnight and was diagnosed with severe mitral valve regurgitation. Basically I was in heart failure and without open heart surgery to repair the valve I could have died. It’s taken 2 years to get to a good level of fitness and to start working again. I think it was just a case of “there but for the grace of God” and I could empathise with the family.”


Before his stroke Dave had been a keen gardener and the aim was to create a space where he could enjoy this again, as Andrew explains:

After discussing the project with one of the designers on the show we came up with the idea of a fully insulated workshop/garden room with an adjoining single glazed greenhouse which was separated by a double glazed door. The idea for this room was to provide a rehabilitation area and somewhere for Dave to continue with his love of gardening.”

Morespace and their suppliers donated the building:

With only 4 days to go before filming I contacted my window manufacturer (Uniseal – Burntwood) and they donated the French doors and glazing for the greenhouse completely free of charge. Even though they are a small business they were more than happy to assist which is more than could be said for the larger businesses out there!.. Luckily my client at the time completely understood why I would like to assist with the project and they gave me their full support even though it meant their own room being put back a week. There really is some nice people out there! The next week was the most chaotic week of my working life but also probably one of the most enjoyable and certainly an experience. At the end of the build, Nick Knowles gave a fabulous speech about how TV often loves to portray tradesmen and builders as cowboys and rogues but that he was amazed how everyone had come together and showed the good side of the building industry. We finally met the family at the end of the build and they were thrilled with the room and greenhouse. It’s amazing how people can stay positive after such a life changing event. Next time I’m in Warrington I will definitely take them up on their offer of a brew and a slice of cake!”

Impressive stuff! We don’t have details of when the show will be aired, but you can be sure we will let you know, in the meantime contact Morespace for more information on their bespoke designs or call them on 07557 738503




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