How to furnish your home office garden room

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These days, working from home is becoming a real possibility. Thanks to high-speed broadband, wireless internet technology, cloud space and remote networking, a home office is more than just doable, for many it makes perfect sense. Of course some professions require face-to-face contact, but many do not.

However, working from home may sound blissful, but it does have its share of problems. Focusing on the task in hand, without succumbing to distractions, is a job in itself, especially if you don’t have a designated ‘office’ or work area away from things like the TV, fridge and demanding children.

If you don’t have space inside your home to devote to a home office, a garden room is the perfect answer. Not only will you be completely separated from the home, but you will be able to relax, and work relatively stress free, surrounding by greenery. Additionally, you don’t need to apply for planning permission for these low-rise non-fixed structures.

Furnishing your garden room is your next step. Ryman has a range of home office furniture suitable for any area of the house or a garden room. Home office furniture that’s key in a garden room are heating and cooling units, as during the winter and summer temperatures may become a little unbearable – either too cold or too hot – without the assistance of these specialised items. Additionally, although garden rooms tend to make the most of natural lighting, artificial lighting is still necessary to keep on working through the dark winter months.

Seeing as your home office is your very own office, you can pick whatever furniture suits you. You can take advantage of things like posture chairs, and find desks that are suitable to your needs.

If you are running your own business from your home office, you will need to keep all your paperwork in a safe place, in case the taxman comes a-knocking. The best home office furniture to take care of this kind of business is a filing cabinet. There are many different options to choose from: some are fixed, others are on wheels and others still come with lock and key. Some office desks also have built in filing cabinets, which are ideal if you don’t have mountains of paperwork to contend with.

To make your home office the kind of place you want to go to everyday, you need to add some creature comforts. Photographs of the family, a coffee making machine and plants – it is a garden room after all – make you feel at home. Check out this top 10 list of air cleaning houseplants from

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