How much does a garden room cost?

Garden rooms can cost from a few thousand pounds to tens of thousands of pounds, these prices include the building and installation but there are a few extra costs.

priceGarden rooms vary in price from £5,200 plus VAT for a small building to more than £40,000 plus VAT for a large top of the range building.

Some companies’ price their buildings by the square foot of floor space whilst other firms offer a price by design style and size.

Some prices are given exclusive of VAT so check if this is included or on top of the price advertised when comparing buildings. If you are going to use your office for business purposes and are registered for VAT you can claim this back – speak to your accountant for more details.

On top of the cost of the garden room itself there are often extra costs such as the cost of planning permission (if required) also you should check that the foundation is included in the building cost – not all companies include the base. You also normally have the additional cost of connecting the garden room to the main’s electricity supply; this involves digging a trench and burying an armoured cable which connects from the main supply to the consumer unit in the garden room. Whilst installing the electricity supply the electrician will also install an earth rod.

With cheaper garden room the installation is not always included in the price and others make a charge for delivery outside their curtilage so it’s important to check on these factors and set your budget accordingly.

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