How long do garden rooms take to build?

The type of garden room you chose its size, your delivery method and whether you need planning permission will all effect how long it takes to install a garden room.

Lead Time

If you are choosing a standard design garden room you will be able to have it installed quite quickly e.g. 2 – 4 weeks, because they are standard designs the supplier often has the buildings ready to go.

With bespoke design you are looking at a slightly longer lead time, this is because you have a detailed design process, and the garden room is built to order – you could be looking at up to 12 weeks before your building is ready to install on site.

Planning Permission

If you need to apply for planning permission you will have to allow 12 weeks for the process, you can often reserve your place in the suppliers schedule by paying a deposit so, that when planning is through you can get straight on with the build.

On site time

This can vary from 1 day to 1 month! Because of their modular design garden rooms can be built very quickly, around a week is the average for most garden rooms featured on this site.

The majority of garden rooms are built off site in factory controlled conditions; they are delivered to site in sections and rebuilt. A few suppliers build their garden rooms from scratch on site; this will obviously mean your supplier is on site for longer, maybe a month.

Another option is to crane in a complete garden room, the garden room is completely built in a factory, delivered on a lorry and lowered into your garden, with this option your garden room will be ready to use in just a few hours – this video from Roomworks shows the process.

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