How do you find the perfect office?

Interesting article by The Garden Office:


For the majority of us that work in a cramped, shared, untidy office, finding the ideal working space is an everyday conundrum. Inevitably then, we all dream of the day that working from home in an environment that suits us can become a reality. The good news is that working from home solutions are fast becoming more readily available to an increasing number of people thanks to innovations such as garden offices and garden studios. The latest figures suggest that 4.2m (13.9%) of the UK’s workforce now work from home, a figure that will inevitably grow.

A BBC Radio 4 show, ‘The search of the perfect office’ explored what the perfect office would look like if the latest psychological research were applied. At The Garden Office, they were delighted to hear the following conclusion:


I think I’ve now got my perfect office, because I’ve had an office built at the end of the garden. So not only do I never have to commute, it’s my own little sanctuary, and you can keep it as clean and tidy as you like, as warm or cold as you like, as noisy or quiet as you like. It’s perfect. I’d say I’ve got the perfect office.”

The Garden Office

Many people who contact The Garden Office are looking for the ideal ‘work from home’ solution that can take them away from the everyday distractions of the home environment. They are firm believers that the garden is an underrated and underused space that can provide people with the most convenient and serene office setting. Their garden offices are built to a size and specification to suit your garden space and budget in a variety of customisable styles that match your tastes.

The Garden Office’s year round garden rooms and garden offices are built with you in mind, for an office, studio, or gym. The possibilities are endless…

To get the ball rolling, why not request their brochure and visit their showroom to see their range of garden buildings on offer? Contact them email [email protected] or give them a call on 01296 328555

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