Homeowners Fight Market Slump with “Swift” Home Away from Home

In a guest blog Swift Garden Rooms talk about the benefits of a detached home extension:

The UK housing market slump has forced homeowners to think of new ways of adding value to their properties and making the most of the space they’ve got.

The latest statistics from the Halifax House Price Index revealed a monthly drop of 1.4 per cent, producing a new low for the average house price in the UK of £160,395. This crash in house prices has made it harder for people to move home.

As a result, one trend increasingly being seen across the country is the idea of a ‘detached extension,’ or an extra room built in the garden, as the way to create extra space and value.

Martin Lawson, Managing Director of Cheshire-based Swift Garden Rooms – who are specialists in creating bespoke detached extensions – explained why the new trend was so popular:

“The very fact that there is a small degree of separation from the main house actually makes the new room excel. Owners quickly find that when they go to this room to work, study, paint, play music, read a paper, or whatever it is they want to do, they do so much better. It is a place with fewer distractions, and a sense of purpose; even a sense of occasion.”

Detached garden studios and rooms can often be built without the need for a separate planning application, and work can start within three to four weeks of the design being agreed.

In as little as two weeks, the room can be built, fully plastered, decorated, lit and floored ready to be used. This is because these buildings are constructed using pre-prepared sections of Structural Insulated Panels, a common technique used in the USA, and something that is spreading across the UK. The resulting structure is permanent, robust and highly insulated, so therefore cheap to run.

Dan Morris, from Cheadle, in Cheshire, was converted to the idea of a detached extension:

“When it finally became impossible to delude ourselves any longer that working from home and having a baby were in any way compatible, we had some tough decisions to make,” said Dan.

“Extending would be the traditional solution, but no matter how big the resulting house was, I’d still be attempting to work from the same building in which my baby son was testing his voice. Moving would have been disruptive, and in the then-current lending deadlock, trying to sell our current property in order to buy a new place would have been fraught with difficulty”, he continued.

“The room in the garden, though a relatively novel idea, seemed to solve all the problems. Some (firms) only offered pre-fabricated options; others offered only bespoke builds on-site. When we met Martin from Swift Garden Rooms, it was like a breath of fresh air – anything was possible. We took the plunge, and haven’t looked back!” concluded Dan.

Swift Garden Rooms, part of The Swift Organisation Ltd, have designed and built dozens of bespoke extensions for clients, and offer a free downloadable guide to start the process:

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