Home Gym in the Garden

Recently we have seen a significant increase in the readers looking to buy a garden room for use as a home gym, having heard recently that some gym memberships have increased by as much as 45%, were not surprised people are looking at the option of a home gym!

In the past only footballers and the super rich could afford a home gym, but today with the increase in quality garden rooms on the market, many that don’t require planning permission, and with prices from around £5,000 a home gym is within the budget of most homeowners.

Most garden room designs can be used as home gyms – quality garden rooms as shown on this site are fully insulated, electrically wired and built using the same materials and techniques found in house building.

A home gym does have a very different use to a garden office, for example instead of sitting relatively still in a home office you will be running, jumping and cycling in a home gym, here are our tips for things to look out for when comparing specifications for garden rooms for use as a home gym.

  • Gym equipment is heavy even before you start using it! Go for a garden room with a sturdy, solid floor construction rather than the lighter weight designs featuring a metal grid with composite panels.
  • Opt for a garden room with a solid foundation, you could get floor sagging on a large home gym room  if you choose a design that only has foundation pads in the four corners.
  • Think about headroom – if you choose a planning permission friendly garden room that’s less than 2.5m high your internal headroom will be around 2.1m – will this be enough when you are on the treadmill etc?
  • Think about electrical socket positioning, equipment like treadmills will need plugging in, so think about positioning as you don’t want trailing cables, most suppliers offer a degree of flexibility over the location of power points.
  • Ventilation is an important feature in a home gym, in some garden room designs the only option is to open the door as there are no opening windows – will you want the door open in winter? Think about adding opening windows to your design.
  • Consider air conditioning, many garden room suppliers offer this as an optional upgrade, and it is certainly worth considering in a home gym as you can control the temperature you work out in – all year round.

Whatever type of exercise you plan to do in your home gym, a garden room is a sound investment that will add value to your house with no fear of membership going up!

Most suppliers featured on The Garden Room Guide will have a design perfect for a home gym; see our design gallery for inspiration


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