Highly insulated garden room

The garden rooms we feature on this site are all insulated for year round use, but this recent build by Executive Garden Rooms is one of the most highly insulated we have seen.

The building is 3.1m wide by 4.1m long and slots into a space between the main house and the boundary fence and is going to be used as a home office by the owners. Having had site visits by several different garden room firms the customer opted for Executive Garden Rooms based on the specification they were offering.

All Executive Garden Rooms buildings comply with Building Regulation standards, so are highly insulated structures meeting the insulation standards for a new build house. However, they work out the insulation system on a case by case basis to create the best performing combination for each of their designs. For instance when they are designing a large garden room that features a lot of glass they will increase the insulation levels in the floor, walls and roof to compensate for the glazing. Of course, Executive Garden Rooms use performance double glazing units in their doors and windows, but glazing leaks heat compared with the performance of a solid wall. So, by upping the insulation in the floor, walls & roof the overall performance is unaffected by the glazing. This is a good design practice which we know not all garden room designers follow.

Executive Garden Rooms build the core structure of their rooms on a multi-layer traditional timber frame system. This layered system includes insulation, structural boards which strengthen the timber frame further – Executive use 18mm OSB boards for this important layer rather than the more common 12mm board. You will also find membranes which control the moisture in the building in the build-up.

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Executive Garden Rooms use foil backed PIR insulation in their buildings. With this build 140mm of PIR insulation has been used in the walls, 100mm in the roof and 90mm in the floor. These high levels will ensure that this garden room will be cost effective to heat and cool throughout the year.

A warm roof has been used on this garden room. This is a build-up that is favoured by Building Control as it removes the risk of condensation occurring in the roof. With a warm roof build-up, the insulation sits on top of the roof structure rather than between the rafters.

Internally this garden room has been fully plastered and decorated. The electrical specification includes LED downlights in the ceiling and BT and data cabling for good access to the internet.

To learn more about Executive Garden Rooms highly insulated buildings give them a call on 01202 874 766 or visit their website.

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