Heating a garden room

Like any room in your house your garden room will need a heating source, this guest post from Multiheat Energy Systems offers some insight to the topic

Working from home is becoming more commonplace, whether that is to reduce commuting time and inconvenience or self employment and a better work life balance, more and more people are working from home in a purpose built garden room. When sitting at a desk all day the body is not generating energy to make its own warmth, it is easy to feel chilly, a spring morning can be cold or an autumn day may feel damp, and although these new garden rooms are very well insulated a little extra heating is required throughout the year.

An infrared heating panel on the wall or ceiling above seating will provide almost instant warmth without creating the dusty and drowsy environment caused by small fan heaters. An infrared heating panel is cheap to run with low energy consumption, it can be fitted to the wall and the cable cut short to the nearest plug socket, safe from being a trip hazard and appears smart and stylish.

Infrared warmth can be felt on the skin. There is no need to have long warm up periods with infrared heating as it is warming you and not the air, if you walk into a cold room simply turn the panel on and you can feel the warming infrared rays on the skin even though the air temperature may still be low.  Infrared energy is found in nature, if you sit in the sun, even on a cold spring day you can still feel the suns warming infrared rays soak into your body and create that lovely warm feeling deep down inside. This same principle is used in infrared heating. Heating the air is a secondary effect, once all items are warmed they give off heat which will warm the air, a well insulated room will maintain the warmth. Infrared heating is energy efficient there are no long warm up times and once warmed the panel will modulate to maintain warmth, therefore not drawing power all of the time.

Multiheat Energy Systems offer an extensive range of infrared heating panels, they have a very informative website at or call them for more information on 01237 451759

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