Heating a garden office in the depths of winter

The idyllic dream of working from home isn’t always what it is cracked up to be! Coming into the garden office on a really frosty Monday morning I realised I had switched the heating off on Friday afternoon as the sun shining in through the windows had really warmed the place up, I must have forgotten to reset the programmer! 7 degrees is not ideal for working in.

However we have infrared heating panels. With all three panels silently running it wasn’t long before I was quite happily working and had completely forgotten how cold it was.

Infrared heating warms people and can be felt gently on the skin, unlike conventional heating which heats the air. So even when the air is cold, warmth can be felt by those sitting near the panel, and because the heaters are on the ceiling warmth can travel across the room, unlike fan or convector heaters which provide intense heat whilst you are almost sat directly upon them and take quite a while to warm the whole room from such a low temperature.

Panels here are retro fitted, and are the only heating supply, simply screwed into the ceiling and wired or plugged in. But, even if you already have programmed under floor heating or a beautiful log burner, an infrared heating panel may be a useful and welcome addition for those really cold winter days, unexpected visits into the garden room or even a chilly summer’s morning.

Infrared heating panels are economical to use, they have low energy consumption and provide gentle but effective warmth to the skin. Panels may be more expensive to buy than a simple fan heater but will be far more affordable to run and will have paid for itself over a couple of years in a reduction on fuel bills.

For garden office heating look no further than Multiheat Energy Systems.

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