Hassle free off-site construction

We can only think of a handful of suppliers who completely build a garden room on-site these days. Most suppliers now adopt off-site construction methods and they offer many benefits.

Benefits of off-site construction

Off-site construction is very popular with garden room suppliers for three key reasons – the quality of manufacture, speed of build and cost effectiveness.

Quality of manufacture

It’s not ideal building a garden room from scratch on site as each stage of the building is open to the elements, i.e. our inclement weather which can have serious effects on the integrity of the building in the long term.

On-site construction is also difficult as unless the supplier sets up a full onsite workshop (this really isn’t practical), they are limited to the tools and machinery they can easily transport to site as opposed to the computer controlled and precision machinery they would have access to in the workshop.

To overcome these problems most garden room suppliers have adopted building systems which allow them to manufacture and test assemble their garden rooms in their workshops.

With off-site construction, all the materials are machined and fitted in perfect conditions, unaffected by wet weather or extremes of temperature. Examples of how this is beneficial to the overall quality of the building are:

It’s important that the core structure is dry, particularly the insulation. If this is fitted in workshop conditions, there is no fear of it getting wet. If this was being done on site and it rained during installation, it would have long-term effects.

If you choose a painted or oiled finish for the exterior cladding, you will want to ensure the finish is as smooth and durable as possible. If this is done in factory conditions dust will be removed from the workshop before painting starts and temperature controlled so that the paint cures properly, and of course, there is no fear of it raining as the paint is applied.

Speed of construction

If all the materials are pre-cut and test assembled it means a garden room goes together extremely quickly once the building arrives on site. Some suppliers can assemble a garden room in just a day, but most builds are completed in around a week.

This short onsite build time is great for you the customer as you have very little disruption to contend with, but it is also good for the supplier as onsite time is one of the most expensive parts of the project. Choosing an off-site construction method means a supplier needs to send fewer workers to site for a shorter period of time.

Cost effective construction

The benefits we have mentioned above have a follow on benefit – cost savings. Having workshops set up to machine the components and to test assemble garden rooms is very cost effective. Creating high-quality buildings in factory conditions which should have a long and trouble free life is very cost effective. Having a small team of workers on-site for a short period of time is very cost effective.

These cost effective measures add up and allow the suppliers to offer their buildings at a great price point.

As you can see, off-site has many benefits, particularly the speed of construction which means your new room will be ready to use in as little as a day but most commonly in a week. Compare this with a garden room built from scratch on-site which can take nearly around a month; it’s a quick way to extend your living space.

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