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If you are looking for a soundproof garden room for use as a music room, recording studio, rehearsal room or just don’t want the neighbours to hear your choice of music you should consider Green Rooms UK.

Green Rooms UK offer a standard range of garden rooms but with a background and qualifications in music technology the team at Green Rooms UK are experienced in knowing what is needed to create a sound proof garden studio.

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Green Rooms UK specialise in bespoke design so the garden room can be tailored to your site and needs, garden rooms are normally flat roofed and the Green Rooms UK style would compliment both a traditional and contemporary style house.

Green Rooms UK garden rooms have a good standard specification, garden rooms are built on a plinth foundation system, this system allows accurate height adjustment and can overcome problems with an uneven site, and it’s also an eco friendly foundation as it uses significantly less concrete than other types of foundation.

The structure of Green Rooms UK garden rooms is made from structural insulated panels (SIP’s) this is a strong, thermally efficient form of building (Green Rooms UK have a u-value of 0.25) with each panel being made up of two layers of OSB with rigid insulation sandwiched in-between. SIP’s are incredibly quick to install cutting the onsite build time down to just a few days.

The roof of the garden room is covered in the popular EPDM membrane; this is installed in one sheet so there is no risk of leakage and comes with a 20 year guarantee but has a life expectancy in excess of 50 years.

Green Rooms UK offer a choice of cladding options from the attractive Western Red Cedar which has a long maintenance free life, to UPVC cladding which is also maintenance free. If you are looking to add a splash of colour you might consider pine cladding which can be painted or stained in your choice colour.

Green Rooms UK offer a blank canvas when it comes to doors and windows design, material and location; you can chose from single doors to whole walls of bi-fold doors and even roof lights all available in hardwood or UPVC. All doors come with multipoint locking systems to make the garden room additionally secure.

Internally Green Rooms UK are finished like a conventional room with plasterboard, plaster skim and skirting boards, the walls and ceiling are then painted in your choice of colour. The floors of the garden room can be finished in anything from carpet tiles to real wood flooring.

Unlike many companies Green Rooms UK will connect the electrical system to your house as part of the garden room price, the customer has control over the number of electrical sockets and their location, exterior lighting and remote light switches can be easily specified. Heating wise the garden rooms can either have an electric convector heater or under floor heating. If you are storing a lot of expensive kit in your garden room why not consider adding a burglar alarm?

If you want to include a toilet, shower room or maybe a kitchen then Green Rooms UK can connect this to your mains supply, whatever you want to create your perfect garden room – just ask.

Outside a small deck area is included as standard and Green Rooms UK can offer decking in a number of styles.

For soundproof garden rooms the specification is altered slightly, the plasterboard is replaced with a double layer of SoundBloc plasterboard and an acoustic barrier between the walls is filled with acoustic insulation. Green Rooms UK can de-couple the building by inserting acoustic rubber strips between the walls, floor and roof which reduces the transmission of vibrations through the building; they can even create rooms within rooms.

It’s reassuring to know that Green Rooms UK have an eye to the environment when building their garden rooms and all timber comes from FSC sources, they have chosen to use high levels of insulation so that minimal energy is required to heat and cool the building.

Standard specification garden rooms take just a few days to complete on site, whilst soundproof garden rooms take a week or so to install.

So, if you are looking for a soundproof garden room that can be tailored to your needs contact Green Rooms UK, you can discuss your ideas with them on 01702 467972 or visit their website

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