Glass Garden Office

Decorated Shed talk about the launch of their new glass garden office:

Last week we looked at our new garden office range. One of our new designs is the Glass Office,providing a secure, quiet, work-orientated benefits with a distinctive contemporary style. Developed with three walls of glass and a dramatic tri-fold door system, the Glass Office is a bold design statement that forms the centrepiece of any area it inhabits.

Working from home is an excellent way to save money and help the environment. A separate space in a natural environment can increase you work levels and motivation rather than working in your actual home or a communal office.

You can save money by eating your own lunch, not using your car and not having to splash out on business suits.

The enveloped design allows you to take in the ever-changing sights of your garden and the wider environment throughout the working day. The expansive tri-fold door system opens fully to promote a real sense of indoor/outdoor living, providing a rejuvenating and motivational work space.

The design of the Glass Office lends itself to modular expansion should the need arise, giving you the option to develop a larger structure to meet your changing requirements without losing the stunning visual impact of the original look.

A building like the Glass Office will allow you to feel a part of the natural surroundings, allowing you to complete your tasks without and interruptions. So if you have lots of deadlines the Glass Office may be the one for you.

Spacious, secure and comfortably temperate all year round, the Glass Office is the perfect work retreat.

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