Garden Studios by Decorated Shed

In a new feature we are going to post blogs from guest contributors, today’s post is from Dawn Kubicek of Decorated Shed, who talks about their range of garden studios.

Garden Studio by Decorated Shed

Dawn writes…

Here at Decorated Shed garden buildings we offer unique designs to each of our clients. Your garden Studio can be made for the beach, for work or for leisure and we will work with you to deliver a bespoke and contemporary design.

We believe we offer the best overall package from the designs and customer service to the after care. The whole process will be taken care of including planning permission.

Our Flat Lodge and Leisure Office designs are popular studio options for this summer, with their beautiful Western Red Cedar cladding and the option to use recycled materials where ever possible. As mentioned above they are used for all different kinds of uses and because we design to specification there are very few limitations. Recently we have had requests for beach huts and holiday homes.

All of our Decorated Shed units are built with high performance energy efficient insulation and feedback has told us that the heat from a working computer can keep the room warm and people work in their garden offices morning to night in all seasons. The best quality, top of the range tri fold door systems are also used which are triple sealed and again act as insulators.

Since Decorated Shed was established we exceed our expectations every time we build a new building through the leading-edge designs and the lasting character and quality year after year.

For more information visit the Decorated Shed website

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