Garden Studios – are they the future of conservatories?

In our opinion the conservatory has had its day, the garden room / studio is the future in terms of adding an extra room to your house as explain:

For years now the conservatory has been a favourite with the British folk.  It is recognised to be an affordable and desirable solution to acquire extra living space for your home, whilst simultaneously bringing the warmth of the outdoors in.

Through market research, previous experience and liaising with conservatory owners, here are some of the recurring problems that have been associated with them:

  • During spring and summer months they tend to overheat and are too warm to enjoy, particularly south-facing ones.
  • They are expensive to heat in the colder months. particularly north-facing.
  • The inability to watch TV or use your PC during the daytime due to brightness and glare.
  • With the roofs being pitched, blinds are often hard to access, with motorised ones working out expensive.
  • They often look outdated as more and more people are drifting away from traditional living spaces, and wanting modern and contemporary rooms.

We at believe our garden studios can give you a sustainable, contemporary and affordable solution to all of these problems, so you can enjoy your new living space the way you should…hassle and worry free.  We believe that conservatories are soon to be replaced by the ever growing contemporary garden rooms market with more and more people choosing to invest in them.

And here are the main reasons why they are beginning to out-favour their conservatory counterparts:

  • Depending on spec they are approximately the same price as a conservatory.
  • They are eye-catching, modern and contemporary fitting in with today’s trends and demands.
  • Built with sustainability and eco-living at the forefront of their design.
  • They can relocate with you.
  • Our studios come with insulated panels, floors and ceilings, just as would expect with a brick-built extension – ensuring comfortable living temperatures all year round. (u-values)
  • Little roof maintenance, especially with our popular Green Sedum Roofing.
  • Large bi-folding doors allow a whole elevation of the studio to open, allowing the internal and external spaces to mix.
  • They have no problems with computer monitors or TV’s just like a living room or office should be.
  • Extended decking to enjoy the weather.

Garden studios can be used for almost any purpose, even as multi purpose rooms.  Although our studios are delivered prefabricated and installed on site in little time, our flexibility in bespoke design has allowed us to design and manufacture living spaces almost any shape and size, useable for any requirement.  Here is a list of what client’s have approached us for in the past.

  • Games Room
  • Living / Dining Room
  • Home Cinema Room
  • Art Studio
  • Recording Studio
  • Fitness Centre / Sauna / Steam Room
  • Pool house.
  • Study / Office

I’m interested, what now?

If you like what you see or want to enquire about a project you have in mind either email us at [email protected] or alternatively give us a call on 0116 319 8043 and we will happily discuss your requirements or answer any questions you may have.

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