Garden Studio Insulation Matters In Summer Too

You may wonder why we are writing about garden studio insulation values on a sunny day in mid July, but garden studio is just as important in high summer as it is in mid winter.

We all know that a well insulated building will keep us warm in winter whilst keeping our heating bills low but few people appreciate that  a well insulated garden studio will be cooler to use in summer than one that has poor insulation values and it won’t take as much energy to lower the temperature.

How does this work? Warm air always wants to travel to cooler areas so if it’s hot outside the warm air will want to travel to the cooler air inside your garden studio which will increase the temperature, a well insulated garden studio will minimise this transition so your garden studio will be a cool and comfortable on a hot summers day.

The performance of insulation in a building is known as the u-value, the Building Regulations set out target u-values for modern houses and whilst in most cases a garden studio doesn’t need to comply with Building Regulations its good practice if they do, in fact many garden studios are insulated to a standard that exceeds the Building Regulation targets.

A few months ago we invited the garden studio suppliers to publish their u-values, and contemporary garden studio supplier’s have just added their figures to the mix: Garden Studios U-Values /2010 Building Regulations Target U-Values
Floor 0.22W/m2k Floor 0.25W/m2k
Walls 0.28W/m2k Walls 0.30W/m2k
Roof 0.17W/m2k Roof 0.20W/m2k
Doors / Windows 1.5W/m2k Doors / Windows 2.0W/m2k


The lower the figure the better insulated the element. You can see from this table that every element of an garden studio is better insulated than the Building Regulations target u-values for new houses.

So, you can rest assured that an will be a comfortable place to spend time all year round, to see the rest of our garden studio insulation survey click here.

For more information about visit their website or call 0800 011 2373

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