Garden Studio Acoustic Insulation

Because they are highly insulated garden studios are not only thermally efficient but also acoustically efficient, but if you want to use your garden studio as a music room or recording studio you should consider some additional acoustic insulation.

Garden Spaces have designed a range of acoustic insulation packages for both new builds and as a retro fit for existing garden studios.

For integration into a new build garden studio Garden Spaces offer:

  • Acoustic (high mass) plasterboard (12.5mm)
  • Sound Blocker membrane (1.2mm) – insulation value of 22dB
  • Quiet Panel (27.5mm) – sound insulation value of 44dB
  • Sound proofing mat (2mm) – insulation value of 24dB
  • Acoustic laminate underlay (4.2mm) – insulation value of 27dB
  • Quiet Floor PLUS (15mm) – 50% better then high performance acoustic underlay

For post build fitting Garden Spaces offer:

  • Acoustic “Egg Box” Foam
  • Tegular Tiles
  • Acoustic Corner Cube
  • Acoustic Corner Traps
  • Acoustic Wedge

For more detailed information about acoustic insulation for your garden studio visit the Garden Spaces website

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