Garden Rooms With Two Distinct Uses

Irish Wood Style have built several garden rooms with two distinct uses, ie a garden room for use as a home office, studio or gym and a separate storage area – all under one roof.

What are the benefits of buying a garden room with integral store?

The benefits of this type of solution  is   only one structure in the garden (appeals to small gardens)

Will the finished building look like a shed or will it be built to the same specification as a standalone garden rooms?

The specification of the garden room  externally is the same for the complete structure, but the internal garden room spec is not in the storage part, hence reducing the price.  The customers can have a full specification off the garden room extended to the storage area if they so wish.

What sort of price are customers looking at for a multifunction building? What size building would this produce?

Typical spend on this solution is between €8 k and €12k and the overall size is typically 3M X 4M

What other things should buyers think about when buying a garden room with integral store?

Other considerations for this type of structure are to have the storage part as a laundry room.

Irish Wood Style are able to install this type of building in Ireland and the UK, visit their websites Irish Wood Style & UK Wood Style for more information.

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