Garden rooms, the hidden costs

Garden room suppliers are very good at publishing their prices in their brochures and websites, but when comparing different suppliers it is best to be aware of the hidden costs.

Site visits are a valuable opportunity for the garden room supplier and customer to discuss the project face to face, to talk over the design and to survey the site, but they do come at a cost ranging from about £150 to £1,000. Most garden room suppliers will refund this charge if you proceed to buy a room, but not all so check before you book.

Depending on where you live and the positioning, size and style of your garden room you may require planning permission. Garden room supplier should be expert in handling these applications and will either handle it on your behalf or assist you in your application. You will need detailed drawings of your proposed garden room, build specifications and site maps, all of which can be easily supplied, some garden room companies will offer this service for free whilst others may charge you.

Some companies ask you to pay a deposit on your garden room whilst you apply for planning permission; this secures your slot in their order books, but what happens if your planning permission is declined? If your supplier has not started work on your garden room in their workshops this deposit should be refundable in the event of planning being declined.

When comparing garden rooms it’s important to ascertain whether the foundations are included in the brochure price, some suppliers include them others don’t. The types of foundation used in garden room construction vary from concrete slabs, to pile foundations to adjustable pads and the costs involved can vary, and you can be looking at £2,000 or more for an average size garden room.

Check when ordering your garden room whether there is a delivery charge, most companies will deliver throughout the UK but some companies will make a charge when delivering outside their immediate location, delivery charges can be in the region of £500.

Whilst most quality garden rooms come pre wired with electricity the connection of this system to the mains supply is not normally included in the price. This involves the customer organising a local electrician to bury an armoured cable from the garden room to the mains supply in the house, they will also install an earth rod and test the garden rooms electrical circuit, they will then issue a safety certificate. It’s difficult to estimate the cost of this connection as it depends on how far from the house the garden room is located and how much armoured cable needs to be laid but you should allow at least £500 for the connection.

It’s always best to be aware of the costs of a project before you start work, so take the time to ask your garden room supplier about these factors before you order.

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