Garden Rooms A Great British Industry

As we celebrate our ‘Britishness’ this weekend we thought we’d shout about what a Great British industry garden room building is becoming!

The fully insulated garden room, built to meet modern housing standards and situated at the bottom of the garden has been embraced by the British.

Other countries have their version of backyard structures, but based on the enquiries I get through this guide, few of them offer the level of design, quality specification that the British garden room industry offers.

With the construction industry in general in the doldrums, the garden room industry is booming with several suppliers reporting significant growth on this time last year, as more and more homeowners realise they can expand into the garden.

The extension into the garden is driven in part by the slow property market, one of the main reasons for moving home is to gain extra space, a garden room offers extra space at a fraction of the cost of moving, and a quality garden room will add value to your property when you do move – a win win situation!

A garden room is a significant investment, but it’s good to know you are buying British, supporting, British designers, British craftsmen and all the British companies who supply them.

Make this the year you invest in a Great British product, explore this site for inspiration, Union Jack cladding optional!

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