Garden Room with Storage Solutions

Continuing our look at the different options of combining the need for storage with the desire for an extra room, we chat with Executive Garden Rooms about their experiences of designing and building for two distinct needs.

This is a 26sqm garden building consisting of 20 sqm music room and a 6 sqm storage area, the cost would be approx £26,000 including vat


Our experience of integral storage space within a garden room

It depends on the specification of the garden room you are building, we build bespoke garden rooms to a very high standard therefore when integrating storage space it becomes a very expensive option, having done it and seen the results some clients are happy but our opinion is – unless you have a very expensive item such as a £5000 bike to store, why store it in a fully insulated building, if you have the space a small timber shed elsewhere in the garden would suffice.

What are the benefits of buying a garden room with integral store?

Saves space in the garden by combining 2 buildings together

Previous clients have asked us to build a separate shed to match their garden room, this option also looks lovely, this would cost approx £1800 including vat.


Will the finished building look like a shed or will it be built to the same specification as a standalone garden rooms?

Our finished building is built to the same specification as the garden room with the exception of internal walls, instead of plasterboard & skimmed they are lined with ply so shelves etc can be fixed to the walls.

Can customers have all the design features available in standalone garden rooms in this type of building?

Yes if they choose, our rooms are fully bespoke so the client can have what they choose.  Previous clients have asked us to fit underfloor heating and tiles throughout the building then build the internal walls, so if in the future they change their minds they can take down the internal wall and make the garden room a larger space.

What sort of price are customers looking at for a multifunction building? What size building would this produce?

The size of the building can be anything the client requires, the cost is approx. £1000 per square metre.

What other things should buyers think about when buying a garden room with integral store?

Think ahead and if requirements change and you wish to change the building back into one large room, consider fitting it out as one room, then putting up the internal wall last thing, so that there is minimal work and re-decoration to do afterwards.

Think careful about what you are going to store I there, don’t store a petrol mower in a timber framed building!

Great advice from Executive Garden Rooms, visit their website for more information about their bespoke designs.


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