Garden room with hidden storage shed

The team at Garden Fortress have become quite adept at designing garden rooms with hidden storage sheds. With this recent example, you’d never know there was a storage area within the building when looking at the building from the front.


The shape of the customers garden meant that positioning one room behind the other was a better choice than positioning the rooms side by side width ways, as we commonly see when incorporating a secret shed into a garden room building. This has cleverly given the optical illusion that you are just looking at one main room. It is only when you explore down the side of the building that you’ll find another entrance that leads to the storage area.


Unusually, the storage shed has been fitted with a set of fully glazed French doors. We normally see a solid door in these situations, often one that has been clad to match in with the cladding on the walls. By choosing French doors, the customer has opened up a variety potential uses for this second room in the future.

The main room has been fitted with a set of bi-fold doors which open up the room onto a 1-meter deep veranda which runs along the front of the building. The roof of the building extends past the front wall to create a 500mm canopy over the deck area. This canopy has had exterior grade LED downlights fitted into it; these will create a nice lighting feature at night.


The main room is light and airy thanks to the bi-fold doors and a rectangular window on the side wall. The main room has a plastered and decorated interior which has been finished with a laminate wood floor to create a modern feel.

This garden room sits on a footprint of 3 meters wide by 5 meters deep. It took a team of two Garden Fortress workers 12 days to build from scratch on site, which is very reasonable for this type and size of building.

To learn more about creating a garden room with hidden storage shed talk to the Garden Fortress team on 01372 602 686 or visit their website.


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