Garden room with access from two sides

We are seeing more and more garden rooms being slotted snugly between the boundaries at the end of a garden. This can be a very good use of space and ensure you get the biggest garden room possible. The down side is that in positioning the building, you cut off rear access to your garden leading on to a path or road, this can be very limiting.

A recent project by eDEN Garden Rooms has overcome this problem elegantly, they included a second door into the room, meaning the garden room has access from two sides and a way of getting into the garden from a rear gate. A bespoke designer like eDEN will be more than happy to incorporate doors just where you need them and ensure the room is as flexible as possible.

This 5m x 3m garden room has been built for use as a home office. The building also incorporates a discreet storage room which is accessed by a secret door on the front elevation. The eDEN team have clad the front of this door to match in with the horizontal Cedar cladding on the walls.

The entrance to the office space is slightly recessed, we like how this defines the entrance area with a small step and canopy above. Aluminum bi-fold doors have been used here; they will easily fold back to open the room up on to the garden. Unusually the customer has opted for white aluminium frames; this makes a refreshing change to the dark grey we so commonly see and offers a sharp contrast with the Cedar cladding.

Garden room with doors on two sides and artificial grass roof

Another nice touch is the addition of an artificial grass roof. eDEN’s customer had originally considered a sedum or meadow green roof covering – they live in a three-storey house and how the garden room looks from above was an important consideration. On seeing eDEN’s new artificial grass roof covering and realising that it would look luscious all year round with no maintenance, they decided to go for that instead.

If you would like to learn more about creating a garden room with access from two sides or adding an artificial green roof, talk to the eDEN Garden Rooms team on 0800 0935 339 or take a look at their website to see more of their work.

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