Garden Room & Office Insurance

Our friend Judy Heminsley has a very good article on her blog Work From Home Wisdom about insuring a garden office. Whilst the article is tailored towards the garden office market its contents are applicable to any type of garden room building.

Often people only think about insuring their garden room or office once its been built. They then ring up their home insurer only to be told they can’t add their new room to their policy.

Some insurers are not keen on insuring a garden room because they don’t feel the construction is sturdy enough and therefore more at risk to damage and less secure than other buildings. Here is a snippet from Judy’s article:

Garden offices are what insurers call a ‘non-standard construction’. That’s a jargon-y way of saying they’re not a traditional ‘bricks and mortar’ building. Insurers consider non-standard constructions more risky. They’re often not as secure, not as sturdy, and more likely to be flammable.

Insurers can also be concerned about the security levels in a garden room as the article goes on to say:

Your insurer will insist you have key-operated locks on all opening doors and windows. They’ll also want to know your garden is secure. Ideally, your garden office would be in a fenced garden, accessible only through your house. If you do have a gate in your garden, keep this locked on the inside with a closed shackle padlock.

The full article is well worth a read and should be part of your garden room research. PolicyBee who advised Judy on the article are able to help you find an insurer for your garden room build, you can call them on 0845 872 5070.

Most of the garden room suppliers we feature on this site build their garden rooms using the same materials and building techniques as used in modern housebuilding. A quality garden room is a high spec building designed to last many decades – a garden room is a world away from a garden shed specification and will withstand the elements just like a timber frame house does.

From a security standpoint 98% of garden rooms come with house quality doors and windows as standard. These units incorporate insurance approved locking systems so if you buy a quality garden room you shouldn’t have too much problem complying with an insurers requirements.

It may be a good idea to talk with the people at PolicyBee 0845 872 5070 early on in the planning process and find out the specific requirements to comply. You can then work with your garden room supplier to ensure your new room fits the bill.

Read the full and most informative article on Work from Home Wisdom.

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