Garden Room Inspiration at the Chelsea Flower Show

The Garden Room Guide family took at trip to the RHS Chelsea Flower Show today. As well as looking at the plants we were keen to see if any garden rooms appeared in the show gardens.

We weren’t disappointed with three buildings catching our eye:

The M&G Retreat by Jo Thompson

This is a beautiful traditional style building has clearly been built by a craftsman. The round window and the roof tiles particularly caught our eye.


Homebase Urban Retreat by Adam Frost

This building is designed as a retreat from urban life. The building features many elements that we regularly see in garden room design such as the rainscreen cladding. The meadow roofing mix is apparently a new blend launched at the show so we might well see it appear on garden rooms soon.


Cloudy Bay Garden – Harry & David Rich

This is perhaps the most interesting building we saw at Chelsea and the one that offers ideas for a garden room in the ‘average’ garden. We see buildings with fully glazed walls quite often but not mixed with the solar screening this building features – sorry our photo doesn’t fully show this – blame the crowds!

The other cool feature of this building is that it can be moved around the garden on a track system. We have already seen this moveable feature from Roomworks who designed their Podlets range to be moved around the garden.


Garden Rooms You Could Buy

While the show gardens offered inspiration for future garden room design, there were a few designs that you could order at the show for your own garden.

Crane Garden Buildings

This was an award winning stand by Cranes who were showcasing a traditional garden room design.


Crown Pavilions


Crown Pavilions were showcasing several buildings including this contemporary cedar clad design – the detailing was impressive.



We loved Plankbridge’s shepherds hut. As it said on the side of the building being inside was far from the maddening crowd!

Barrel Top Wagons


This building wasn’t on sale but we hear it was built by the team at Barrel Top Wagons. The roof line is great and not one we see often in garden room design – it would look great on a larger building too!

It was a shame that none of the big names in garden room design were at the show showcasing their cutting edge designs to the Chelsea market – maybe next year!

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