Garden Room in a Conservation Area

If you live in a Conservation Area, or indeed a Listed Building, National Park, Area of Outstanding Beauty or a Site of Scientific Interest you will have to apply for Planning Permission if you want to build any type of garden room.

This shouldn’t put you off the idea! Planning Permission doesn’t have to be the hassle it is portrayed to be, and your garden room supplier will handle the process for you.

Dab Den, the architect designed range of garden rooms in Scotland were recently in this position. They had a client who lives in a Conservation Area, they weren’t allowed to extend the main house, but wanted to create a home office and an artist studio, with a coffee making facilities.

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The client had an area of wasted garden that they wanted to utilise and Dab Den created a long and narrow garden room 2.5m wide and 9.5m long.

Because of the location of the house in a Conservation Area the planners asked that the new building look and utilise the same materials as the main house, this was no problem, and a very successful and stylish garden room has been created.

So, don’t be put off by the need for Planning Permission, the rules it might layout for the design and materials, might just workout in your favor, as with this build!

For more information about Dab Den, visit their website.




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