Garden Room House Extensions

We feature a lot of standalone garden rooms on The Garden Room Guide but we’re not sure that all readers are aware that many garden room designs can be adapted and attached to the house to form a traditional house extension.

Well they can, and they are a real alternative to a conservatory or traditional brick built extension, they also offer many benefits over other types of construction in that they are highly insulated, and because of their offsite construction are extremely quick to install – a whole project can be completed in weeks.

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There are more formal regulations for using a garden room as an extension than the standalone version  – it will have to undergo building regulation certification and in most cases will require planning permission, but don’t be put off you would need to comply with building regs and planning permission for a brick built extension too!

Okay, it’s not quite as simple as removing one wall from a standard garden room design and plonking it next to the house, but many garden room designers will be able to adapt their designs or design you a one off garden room fit for the site.

Garden rooms are largely constructed off site in factory controlled conditions meaning a precision built, high quality product is delivered to site, the modular design means that the shell of the garden room can be installed in a matter of hours and the room finished and ready to use in a week or so – what other high quality building system can claim that?!

Homeowners thinking of adding an extension today, have a wishlist of desirable design features such as bi-fold doors, slick lighting systems and under floor heating – these features come as standard on many garden rooms and are options on others, a garden room extension is a modern building method packed with designer features.

Garden rooms are built using timber frames or structural insulated panels, these are highly insulated construction methods, many garden rooms exceed the building regulation u-values for new buildings – as standard meaning a garden room extension will probably be the best insulated room in your house. Because of all this insulation a garden room extension will be comfortable to use all year round, you won’t experience the problems you can face with a conservatory of it being too hot in summer and too cold to use in winter.

So, if you are looking to extend your kitchen into the garden, add a modern airy playroom or a home office give serious thought to a garden room extension. We’ll be featuring garden room suppliers who have added garden rooms to houses over the next few days, but if you like a particular style of standalone garden room its always worth asking if they would install it as an extension to your house, see our directory for supplier contact details.

A high quality, quick, clean and cost effective way of adding a home extension has arrived – join the revolution!

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