Garden Room Heating Special Offer

Don't be cold in your garden roomNot all garden rooms come with a heating source, and whilst we have had a fairly mild winter so far, colder weather is forecast, and you probably should think about some heating for your garden room.

One option is infrared heating, and our friends at Mulitheat Energy Systems are running a special deal on their discreet heating panels.

Special Offer on Infrared Heating Panels

These heating panels on offer are ideal for those working in colder conditions, with higher surface temperature and higher power output the warming infrared rays can be felt even through chilly air, infrared warmth can be felt on the face and hands directly and so is the ideal heating choice for those sat working, whether in a home office, music room or craft studio.

Infrared heating fact. Did you know….

How we feel comfortably warm can vary from one person to another in our living and working environments, we are all different and bodies have different abilities to maintain temperature and feel comfortable but the hands are vital in regulating body temperature for all of us, when we get hot our hands quickly swell with increased blood supply, and when cold, our hands are the first to feel it and can often be feeling numb whilst our main torso is still relatively warm, our hands quickly react to heat and can readily absorb infrared warmth to move it around the body, infrared warmth from the sun, an infrared heater or by simply rubbing our hands together and receiving our own bodily infrared warmth. The hands work as a gauge to maintain the correct temperature throughout the rest of the body. The human thermoregulatory system has the ability to redistribute heat effectively around the body, just a small amount of infrared warmth can easily and naturally assist in warming the human body. Which is why in Spring we love the feel of the first warm sunshine of the year it gently warms our bodies and feels satisfyingly good. Conventional hot air heating requires much higher air temperatures and longer periods to have the same effect on warming the body.

Infrared heating panels are available in various sizes and can be used as the only heating source or in conjunction with another form of warm air heating and due to the low energy use can also be run by your solar PV for cheap daytime heating.

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