Garden Room Furnishing Inspiration

Interesting suggestions for furnishing your garden room in this guest post

Garden Room Interior

The winter months can mean spending long periods indoors. Creating a garden room is a fantastic way of bringing nature into the home, allowing you to enjoy flowers and plants year-round. These can be created in existing spaces within your home, though adding a designated building can enhance your living space and even add value to your house. Decorations and furnishings for this area are key in creating a fresh and natural feel, so items and accessories should be chosen with care. For high-quality designer pieces look to Achica homeware which has a great selection of branded products at a decent discount.

If opting for a specially-designed garden room, consider what kind of style you want to go for. Contemporary rooms with angular lines, metallic surfaces and features such as glass walls will really make a statement in a garden and, with expanses of glass, help create that outdoors atmosphere. Alternatively, a traditional build can have a more cosy feel during the winter months. Traditional garden rooms created from timber and featuring pitched roofs and bi-fold doors and windows will look stylish in any garden and have an air of the snug log cabin come winter. It will almost feel like you’re in the Alps!

Decorating a garden room will really help personalise the space, and by choosing appropriate furniture, textiles and accessories can bring the outdoors in. To achieve that outdoorsy feel choose light-weight pieces of furniture over heavy sofas and armchairs and look for natural materials and fabrics. Wicker or rattan frames in dark tones look great, and can be brightened up when upholstered in pale cream and beige tones. Cushions can add splashes of colour and contribute to a natural theme: look for designs featuring leaf motives or floral designs. The V&A Poppy Field cushion from Achica is available in a pale green and features timeless floral embroidery detail.

Bringing the outside in is not only achieved with accessories, but with houseplants too and to create a really wild space, think ‘less is more’! Larger plants like Yucca, Dragon Tree and Corn Palm are easy to care for and stay dazzling green throughout the year. If you want to avoid a tropical vibe and stick with something more seasonal, go for poinsettia in robin-breast-red and snow white. Achieving a natural festive look needn’t even involve plant care, as Achica have a beautiful range of artificial wreaths and decorations which can be used to adorn a garden room.

Many garden rooms have doors directly to your outside space, so if moving regularly from outdoors to in as well as tending to plants within your room, practical flooring is key. Rugs in lighter tones will mark easily, so instead go for earthy colours or statement designs. You can also use your style of flooring to help enhance the natural theme: the i2K Leaf rug from Achica is in a practical warm brown tone, and has splashes of green in its repeated leaf pattern.

Lighting can help add warmth during the winter, which may be especially important if your garden room has glass walls or large windows which will reveal dark skies by early afternoon. Standing lamps give a classic look year-round, whilst fairy lights with simple shades add a festive glow.

Choose furnishings and accessories to help brings the outdoors in, and enjoy your garden room even in the chilly winter months.


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