Garden Room Feature Table

A few days ago we urged you not to do your garden room project on the cheap, we looked at how you can pick up a garden room / garden office for as little as £3,000 and tried to explain that however tempting these buildings are, they are missing a lot of the key features you need / require for a garden room or office you plan to use all year round.

To try and explain the differences between these seemingly good value buildings and the garden rooms we feature on this site we have drawn up this features chart, the chart is not an exhaustive feature list and you may find garden rooms in the price ranges with different combinations of features – the list is designed to give a quick overview of what you get for your budget!

How much you spend will dictated by how big a garden room you want and what features it has – when compiling this chart we have had a 3m x 3m garden room in mind and we recommend for a building this size you should have a budget of at least £8,000.

The garden room feature table clearly shows that the £3,000 price range garden room is lacking most of the key features that make a garden room a comfortable place to spend time – all year round.

To search for quality garden rooms on different budgets why not take a look at our Garden Room Search site


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